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  • Rebar Bending Machine HA-10(12)B
  • Rebar Bending Machine HA-10(12)B
  • Rebar Bending Machine HA-10(12)B
  • Rebar Bending Machine HA-10(12)B
  • Rebar Bending Machine HA-10(12)B
  • Rebar Bending Machine HA-10(12)B
  • Rebar Bending Machine HA-10(12)B
  • Rebar Bending Machine HA-10(12)B

Rebar Bending Machine HA-10(12)B

The benders apply double line feeding system, which can greatly increase the productivity and reduce the labor intensity.


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 1. Special design structure, easy to deal with ribbed steel straightening, straightening ribbed steel bar is not hurt.

2. The straightening mechanism of curved steel bar improves the straightening effect of the steel bar and prevents the axial torsion of the steel bar;

3. Two steel bars can be separately compacted traction mechanism to ensure the synchronization requirements of the two steel bars;

4. Unique level straightening mechanism can be designed to separately straighten each steel bar, not only improve the horizontal straightening effect, but also ensure that the two bars parallel, so as to ensure the quality of the bending steel;

5. Vertical straightening mechanism, can be carried out separately for each reinforced straightening to ensure the straightening of the quality of steel;

6. All rollers are made of high quality alloy steel, high hardness, wear resistance, and improve the service life;

7. Close to the corners of the reinforced steel forming control, to ensure the quality of bending.

8. Unique high-precision transmission design to ensure zero error

1. Special design structure, easy to deal with ribbed steel straightening, straightening ribbed steel bar is not hurt.
2. The straightening mechanism of curved steel bar improves the straightening effect of the steel bar and prevents the axial torsion of the steel bar;
3. Two steel bars can be separately compacted traction mechanism to ensure the synchronization requirements of the two steel bars;
4. Unique level straightening mechanism can be designed to separately straighten each steel bar, not only improve the horizontal straightening effect, but also ensure that the two bars parallel, so as to ensure the quality of the bending steel;
5. Vertical straightening mechanism, can be carried out separately for each reinforced straightening to ensure the straightening of the quality of steel;
6. All rollers are made of high quality alloy steel, high hardness, wear resistance, and improve the service life;
7. Close to the corners of the reinforced steel forming control, to ensure the quality of bending.
8. Unique high-precision transmission design to ensure zero error

SN Item HA-4-10B HA-4-12B
1 Cutting type Hydraulic cutting Hydraulic cutting
2 Single line working ability (mm) Grade 1 round bar Φ10 Grade 1 round bar Φ12
3 Double line working ability (mm) Grade 1 round bar Φ8 Grade 1 round bar Φ10
4 Length scope of the stirrup side 60-1100mm 60-1100mm
5 Max bending angle 180° 180°
6 Max feeding speed (m/min) 30-45 30-45
7 Max bending speed (°/s) 180° 180°
8 Min. stirrups (cm) 6*6 6*6
9 Max. stirrups (m) 1*1 1*1
10 Length tolerance (mm) ±1 ±1
11 Angle tolerance (°) 0.1° 0.1°
12 Bending center height from
ground (mm)
1200mm 1200mm
13 Motor power (kW) 17.2 17.2
14 Production (Pcs/h) 1800/hour (20*20) 1800/hour (20*20)
15 Cutting motor 4.0 (General Motors) 4.0 (General Motors)
16 Bending hoop Motor 3.7 (servo motor) 3.7 (servo motor)
17 Straightening motor 9.5 (servo motor) 9.5 (servo motor)
18 Dimensions (L*W*H) (mm) 2800 * 1000 * 1780 2800 * 1000 * 1780
19 Machine weight (kg) 1180 1180

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